Bedroom Boogie Merv Griffiths Zero Radio

Merv Hits 1,000th Show!

Friday and Sunday evenings on Zero Radio offer a selection of good time music as well as the perfect way to chill out. For 10 year’s Merv (co-owner and programme […]

Show Spotlight

Merv The Swerve

The Presenter Spotlight this month features founder partner of Zero Radio, Friday & Sunday radio presenter, dj and host, Merv Griffiths, lets find out more… Sundays “Chilled Choonz” and also […]

Radio Shows

Thursday Is The New Friday

Welcome to Thursday afternoon’s podcast show, and ive got a superb selection of tunes coming up, Tom Glide with Hill St Soul, Tuxedo, Norman Connors is on the way, some […]

Radio Shows

We Are Truly Global!

The Award Winning Soul Sanctuary Radio Show With Bully – NEW DRIVETIME SHOW 5pm – 19th Sept 2017 The Award Winning Soul Sanctuary Radio Show – Runner Up 2016 Soul […]