Made – Rina Chanel

These lyrics are very true to life. There will always be people who try to label you and put you in a box of limitations…Telling you, you can’t do that, think like that, behave like that, achieve that, get that, be happy like that, or think that you are worthy of respect, love or anything good in life. We must own and celebrate all of the aspects that make us who we are as a person in order to get and appreciate someone’s full story…Cheers to becoming and embracing all that you were #Made and created to be…

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Made 2 Promo 1

Written by: Shauntelle Coleman (BMI), Syrina White (ASCAP), and Bennie Pearce (ASCAP).  (Copyright 2020) Lead and Backgrounds Vocals:  Rina Chanel Background Vocals:  Shauntelle Coleman Keyboards/Bass Guitar/Lead & Rhythm Guitar:  Bennie Pearce Rhythm Guitar: Benjamin Scott DeLaney Produced by:  Bennie Pearce for PhillieBOP Music (ASCAP) Song mixed by: Devin Spear (Blue Room Productions), Bethesda, MD Song Mastering by: Conrad Osipowicz (Blue Room Productions)

Debut EP single: “Made” out NOW on iTunes, Apple Music and all digital platforms.

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