The Top Luther Vandross Songs

As Chosen By You

In Association With The Soul Sanctuary Drivetime Home, our man ‘Bully’ went out on Facebook and asked you ‘what was your favourite Luther Vandross song’.

At Zero Radio we love listener interaction, getting you involved with features like this… and we know you love Luther Vandross by the feedback you have provided us!

Bully’s says a massive thank you to each and everyone of you that participated in this. x

Here’s a top list of tunes as selected by you >

Denise Holder – Love that one too x
Donna Corrigan – Never too much x
Andy Weaver – Glow of Love
Stuart Leslie – Buy me a rose .
Michel Reckhard – Glow of love with Change!
David Williams – Searching or Butterfly
Neil Hanratty – Follow My Love from the This Close To You album
Barbara Taylor – Shine and A house is not a home
Mervyn Griffiths – Take you out
Caroline Russell – House is not a home/Never too much
Suzie Minx – Dance with my father
Debbie Bradford – Dance with my father
Chris Bench Bowins – Never too much
Tina Parks – Never To Much
Deena Naidoo – Superstar/Until you come back to me
David Noyes – Here and Now/ There’s nothing better than love.. with Gregory Hines
Jon Farmery – The sweetest one
Selwyn Show – Say It Now
Sam Green – Sugar and spice
Paul Cooke – So Amazing & A House is Not a Home !
Nnenna Ukachuku – See Me and Follow My Love
Brian Kelly – Funky stuff
Elaine Paxman – Never too much
Tony Fernandez – A Better Love
Colin Foley – Stop to love
Debbie Robinson – My sensitivity
Terry James John Mays – I cant name just one …its not fair lol
Winni Buddz – Nothing Better Than Love (with Gregory Hines)
Anita Hatcher – A House is Not a Home
Yvonne Wright – The sweetest one
Geri Crowley – Hot Butterfly
Geri Crowley – She Creeps
Kevin Hawkins – Bad Boy
Trevor Martin – Hot Butterfly
Debbie Lester – So amazing
Nigel Watson – See me
Julia Beth – Glow of Love / If this World where mine too with Cheryl Lynn x
Carol Ann Barnby – A house is not a home
Richard Sawyer – A house is not a home followed by dance with my father
Ian Reading – Impossible Dream !!
Mark Streeting – Till my baby comes home.
Pedro Estrella – Searching, or maybe Georgy Porgy (Charme).
Terry James John Mays – Shes a super lady
Debbie Rogers Clark – If only for one night … buy me a rose
Lee Ponting – Never to much
Richie Tee – A House Is Not A Home
Karen Callow – The sweetest One followed closely by ALL his other songs
Louise Dionne – Amazing
Paul Hodson – Other side of the world
Sam LaSoy – A house is not a home
Jo Corrigan – Sugar and spice and Impossible Dream
Paula Oulds – Dance with my Father, then Never Too Much x
Michael McClean – A house is not a home
Lee Snelling – Don’t Wanna Be A Fool
Angela Benfield A house is not a home / Are you using me / Sugar and spice
Karen Soulsista Reid Never too much x
Dean Funkyfish Searching (long version )and close second ,Sugar & spice.
Amanda Kite Bad Boy Having a Party
Sue Wood Here and Now , but to be honest I love every note or word that came out of his mouth
Mark Tydeman Impossible Dream
Heather G Mason So hard to decide …….think I will just say anything he sings!
Tanya Bellamy Here and Now
Martin Collins ‘Follow my love’ and ‘Here and Now’
Karen Fullard So Amazing
Andrew Tenpints Howard Are you using me master of work mix
Kim Turner If only for one night and every other Luther song

luther vandross

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