Kavos Soul & Reggae Week 2019

Zero Radio are pleased to announce that the exclusive DJ team are back at The Kavos Soul & Reggae Week 2019. After a very successful 2018 with the Zero Radio DJ team including Bully, Merv Griffiths, Ian Reading, Nigel Watson & Lee Fatbloke, this year’s event will be bigger than before.

This is the must attend event for music lovers. If you have an open mind to music, love dancing with 100’s of other musically inspired souls….then this is for you. So whats new? The event have TWO daytime venues both offering something completely different. Our DJ team LOVE what they do and we can 100% guarantee that you fall in love with our music policy. We will have multi-genre rooms in the evening to ensure that there is something for everyone both day and night.

The Kavos Soul & Reggae team actively promotes positive vibes, friendly people, smiley faces, open music policy and togetherness.

The 2019 Zero Radio Kavos DJ Team

TO BOOK >> http://www.soulandreggaeweek.co.uk

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