Zero Radio Spotlight – Brian Power

saturday soundout

With Brian Power

brian powerBrian has presented the Saturday Soundout on ZeroRadio since 2016 and has a passion for funk, soul and house music stemming from his school days in the mid 70’s, and started DJ’ing at the local youth centre since aged 12.
He says ‘When I walk into a club the music completely consumes me and I have to bust a few shapes on the floor, this can often lead me to be escorted from the room 🙂
Fortunately, lately, more time is spent behind the decks instead of in front and I am loving my time at Zero and being part of a great team.
I like to play something different every week, from old skool to new cool, with a healthy dollop of info on the artists, never anything too serious as it’s all about the music.
In my latest venture, I am going back out on the road again to spread the funk to my local area.
I better inform the authorities, this could get messy!
saturday soundout

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