Chris Clayton


Chris Clayton,The youngest and crazyest member of the ZeroRadio family, found his love for the sounds of soul and 80’s funk from an early age, having two older sisters who played these great sounds whilst getting ready to go clubing it’s no wonder that he’s ended up wanting to share the soul sound with the world.

Chris decided to join the ZeroRadio Crew after helping Zero’s very own Ian Reading with his show and hasn’t looked back since. Having the nickname “Monkey Boy” due to his crazy antics and his general willingness to entertain the public, Crazy Chris Clayton co-hosts a Wednesday night show with Johnny Famous where he not only shares his love of soul music but also his love for Motown. With Chris & Johnny combined and with great features such as “Chris’s Magic Motown Moment” & “Battle of The Tracks” there show is becoming more popular by the week. Join them every Wednesday 8 till 10, Where they’ll get you over your mid-week hump & fill your ears full of funk..


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